Hi, my name is Trever! 👋

I'm experienced with consulting, non-profit board volunteering, IT, and amateur photography. I'm offering my consulation services remotely and I currently reside in Sacramento, CA.

I provide consultation services for resume reviews, narrative design, game design, QA testing, AR/VR prototyping, critiquing your discord community design, and reviewing your personal branding. I’ll also draw you something with procreate or take photos for you.

I'm passionate about implementing creative solutions that solve challenging problems, no matter how silly those solutions turn out 🌱

I ❤️ to make social impact story games 📚

◇ he/they ◇ #a11y ◇ BLM ◇ 问我普通话 ◇ Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)